Of course, we host Petapalooza every May, but we also have other fundraising events throughout the year! Additionally, we host a Goods Drive every April so that the rescues and shelters can collect much needed goods for their organization when they join us. If you can join us for any of these events, or donate to our Goods Drive, we (and the animals our organization helps) would love your support!

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Join us for the only Central PA Scavenger/Riddle Hunt (that we know of)!



Each year, we sell Pellman's high quality cheesecakes and cakes. Email us for more info!


OCT 2020

When Rescues and Shelters register for Petapalooza, they give us a “Wish List” of things they wish they could have for their organization. The lists are made up of goods that will help the animals at their locations stay happy and healthy: food, treats, towels and blankets, cleaning get the idea.

Our volunteers work hard to collect these goods during the month of April, and on the day of Petapalooza, we give Goodie Bags to the attending rescues and shelters. 

We host dogs, cats, birds and a huge variety of animals! We will post organization's needs in the month of March.


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